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Birthdate:Nov 6
Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America

I have my BA in religious studies from Truman State University in Missouri, and my MS in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I am now a PhD student (still in sociology). I am spending Fall 2006 as an intern with an R&D lab in Palo Alto, and will be a visiting student in the science & technology studies department at MIT for Spring 2007. I am trained in conversation analysis (CA) and ethnomethodology (EM), but I plan to use a broader range of methods for my dissertation. My current interests are in internet social networks and other end user aspects of technology, particularly how users develop and maintain personal relationships through various technological channels.

I'm a Scorpio with an Aries rising and a Pisces moon, and I have a decent collection of Tarot decks. My father, [info]aardvark_gumbo, taught me to read Tarot when I was in 7th grade and constantly begging him to do readings for me. I have three tattoos and three cats; I want another tattoo, but I believe this is my feline limit. I have experimental hair and sometimes I wear glasses. I write poetry and I crochet--mostly rectangular objects, but I've recently graduated to hats. I love karaoke with a burning passion, and I make a lot of mix CDs, complete with cover art. I also love stationery and exchanging snail mail. One of my sisters, [info]sophonisba, is also on LJ.

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